NAD M12 & M22 "Hybrid" Digital Preamp & Power Amp Combo

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NAD (New Audio Dimensions) has been producing amazing quality audio components for over 40 years.  Founded by Dr. Martin Borish in 1972, one of the company's first product major success was the Model 3020 receiver.  NAD utilized a patented "Power Envelope" design to essentially store energy in a bank of capacitors which could then be fed into the output signal when needed for peak power transients.  This allowed the transistor compliment to utilize highly sensitive, high fidelity components, with modest RMS power ratings, but still power some very demanding speakers.

Fast forward a few decades to when NAD introduced the Masters Series, a group of components made with the highest quality parts and to exacting manufacturing and testing standards; fit for playback of Master recordings of both the analog and digital age. 

The M12 Hybrid Preamp/Controller/DAC and M22 Hybrid Power Amp are such components that have stood the tests of time.  They feature a classic NAD design, simplistic with only a few buttons gracing the charcoal and silver front face.  The clearly visible digital display is positioned front-and-center so there is no question what this machine is intended for. The M12 is packed with technical wizardry and features NAD's patented MDC expansion slots, already filled with some brilliant options: USB DAC interface; DD/SPDIF interface; and Balanced/Unbalanced analog interface with NAD's acclaimed phono card.  Two additional MDC bays are available for either HDMI or BluOS cards, should the future owner wish to take things even further. 

The M22 250 watt per channel power amp is an early example of a major manufacturer using the newest Hypex Class-D amplifier technology.  With "Hybrid" switching, the NAD amp blends a little old-school and a little new-school together for an exceptionally stable, responsive, and powerful amplifier in a compact enclosure.  

Whether using balanced or unbalanced connections, the combination here of the M12 and M22 is hard to beat.  

Demos are encouraged in Lawrence, MA.

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