Vandersteen Model 3A Signature - Glorious Full Range Monoliths

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The Vandersteen Model 3A Signature uses four high quality drivers to produce amazing music. The tweeter, midrange, and mid-bass are all forward-firing. The low-bass driver fires from the rear of the speaker. Crossovers are first-order type to maintain accurate phase performance. The midrange and tweeter are physically staggered behind the taut grille cloth to make the upper frequencies more time coherent. On the back you will also find controls for midrange and tweeter levels as part of the crossover/input design.

Not going to overdue the tire pumping of these incredible speakers - we are BIG Vandersteen fans and especially the Model 3A Sigs. They are oh so complete, no information beaks, no hyper V shaped response curve, just a clean, concise flat speaker with imaging for miles. One of HHAs all-time favorites. This also may be the cleanest set we've had here at the shop. No pulls or snags in the fabric sock, no chips or dings in the veneer. Just a special set. Top to bottom integration is extraordinary; large sound field, tight imaging and tremendous amounts of unforced detail.  Here is an opportunity to own what is essentially a current model (now priced at $6,300/pair) for a fraction of the cost.  Vandersteen steel stands and isolation spikes are also included in the sale.

Demos are highly encouraged in our Lawrence, MA showroom.  

$2,499 (plus applicable sales tax)

NOTE: Due to size and weight of these speakers, please enquire regarding shipping options prior to purchase.