Acoustic Energy, Aegis EVO Three... Classics from AE, British Middleweight Champs in Black Ash!

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The Acoustic Energy, Aegis EVO Three is the flagship of the Aegis series. A 3-way, slim-line, floor-standing loudspeaker using the award-winning tweeter and metal alloy mid/bass driver system design from the Aegis one, and two, with the addition of a new 180mm vented polymer chassis with a polypropylene cone for the bass only drive unit.

The mid/bass driver is reflex loaded through a flared port to the rear, whilst the bass only unit is a housed within a separate enclosure and reflex loaded through a high powered flared port to the front. Factory-fitted mass loading is supplied in the base of the cabinet, in addition to a base plinth and 8mm spikes for optimum stability and coupling to the floor.

The result of this impressive flagship system offers the discerning listener ownership of a product with awesome scale and depth, coupled with a level of detail and clarity unequaled by any other loudspeaker at the price.

Using a newly developed, LF 130mm high efficiency metal alloy mid/bass drive unit and the 25mm Ferro fluid cooled HF silk dome tweeter which are magnetically shielded makes this an ideal AV speaker with exquisite transparency, detail and clarity, awesome bass punch and dynamics coupled with high end efficiency and compatibility.

So we now have (2) sets of these little rascals... Cherry and Black Forest Ash. We have to admit, we had no idea what these whould play like but know that they would be something special. We are AE Dealers and have been smitten with their entire new line of contemporary loudspeakers. These Aegis EVO 3 were no disappointment. They are fabulous all-arounders that have a real snap & thwack... lively little speakers, totally unimposing but, know this, as your electronics improve, these speakers will soar. We threw 250 watts of super-star Krell SS at them and they sounded like they could be a $2K+ box and not something less than $500!! They are insanely good... solid 9 in visuals with just the slightest signs of wear at all.

Come have a listen here are the Lawrence loft or but with confidence here on this website.

Acoustic Energy, Aegis EVO Three in Black Ash: $359 plus tax and shipping when applicable