Acoustic Research ARXA Vintage Turntable - SOLD

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Ivan Burger -

"When the ARXA turntable came out in 1961, it was an instant classic – almost immune to external shocks and vibrations, low in rumble, and priced at a shockingly affordable $58.00 ($489 today), less cartridge but complete with arm, dustcover, and even a stylus force gauge. (The price was soon raised to a more sustainable $78, or $658 today.) 

It was a runaway success. AR sold hundreds of thousands of them. The Museum of Modern Art acquired one for its industrial design collection. And fifty years after its arrival, The Absolute Sound listed it first in its article, “The Ten Most Significant Turntables of All Time.” Its key technologies were widely adopted by other companies, and are still in use."

This is a fine example of the simplistic but bulletproof AR XA. Timing is spot on.  A new belt has been installed & the table comes complete with a Shure M91ED Cart w/straight tracking diamond elliptical stylus. The real walnut plinth is in excellent condition.

Can be auditioned at our Lawrence, MA showroom.

 $399 (plus applicable sales tax)