Acoustic Research AR92 3-Way Tower Speakers - SOLD

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Acoustic Research was a pioneer in the development of speaker technologies, first innovating the sealed "acoustic suspension" cabinet design in the late 1950s.  AR employed this design for over 3 decades before straying from acoustic suspensions in favor of other woofer alignments.  Other innovations followed, however, including the use of acoustic batting, or "acoustic blanket," outside of the cabinet to high frequency reflections.  AR was also one of the first to experiment with low viscosity magnetic fluid as a means of internal voice coil cooling. 

The AR92 speakers available here used all of these technologies, and many more. The AR92 features a compact 3/4" dome tweeter, 1.75" dome midrange, and 10" paper cone woofer to produce full range sound with excellent dynamics.  This pair shows some minimal signs of wear, but is very serviceable.  Woofer foams have been replaced and crossover components tested for accuracy.  

Demos are available in person in our Lawrence, MA showroom, with COVID precautions in place.

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