Acoustic Research, Powered Partners 570

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The AV570 Multimedia Speaker has 70 watts total power, two 35-watt high current amplifiers, 2-way acoustic suspension design, 5" magnetically shielded polypropylene woofer, and 1" fluid-filled magnetically shielded polycarbonate tweeter. With individual bass and treble controls and auto on/off power operation, it will work on either AC power or DC battery operation. The AV570 features separate volume, bass, and treble control. It has auto on/off power operation. The Powered Partners have built-in amplifiers, so they do the job of both a speaker and an amp. Plug them inoto your favorite sound source (CD Player, mp3 player, iPod, etc.) and you'll enjoy pure, dynamic sound.


For your Keyboard or Player Piano: Advent Powered Partners transform your keyboard or player piano into an electronic orchestra. When connected to an output jack, Powered Partners will make you the star of any party.

For the Dorm: Advent Powered Partners transform your portable compact disc player or mp3 player into a full-fledged stereo system. Turn them on, step back and enjoy dynamic sound quality. As great sounds fill the air, your friends will fill your room.

For the Home: Advent Powered Partners are ideal use in a home theater system. Magnetically sheilded so they won't interfere with your television monitor, the AV570 delivers outstanding performance in "bringing the movie theater experience home."

For the Office: Advent Powered Partners are the ultimate in multimedia speakers. When connected to your CD-ROM or stereo sound board, they will amaze you by adding lifelike realism to your computer gaming, music, or presentations.

These little Powered Partners are pure "AR" - you'll swear you're listening to a full sized speaker playing through a HQ external powered source. Excellent condition and ready for anything audio you can throw at it.

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AR, Powered Partners 570 - $299.00