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Adcom made its name in 1979 with the introduction of the GFA-1 power amplifier.  The GFA-1 used what Adcom called a "high current" design with substantial power, at a reasonable price.  The amp was a hit, and a company was born.  

Fun Trivia: I you can guess what "GFA" stood for, email us and we will send you some Holt Hill Audio swag.

A few years, and several refinements after the launch of the GFA-1, Adcom became a household name in high-end audio; offering huge bang-for-buck performance, clean looks, and easy operation.  Adcom soon grew to offer a complete suite of products, preamps, tuners, CD players, DACs, and power conditioners.  

Here we have a wonderful, very affordable and very powerful starter combo for the burgeoning audiophile:

- GTP-500 II, preamp/tuner - The GTP-500 II built upon Adcom's clean and simple preamp designs with improved dynamics, simpler internal layout, better power handling, and full function remote control. The internal tuner is capable of pulling in stations very well, and the CD, video, and tape inputs allow for a high level of functionality.  Another neat feature is the "Lab" preamp output, which sends a slightly higher output signal to the power amp, designed to work exclusively with Adcom amplifiers.  Manual and remote are included.

- GCD-600, 5-disc carousel - The GCD-600 CD player is all about convenience.  The player can hold 5 discs, and allows for switching of 4 out of the 5 while one is in playback mode.  The unit has both analog and digital outputs to allow it to be used with an external DAC.  After 30 years, this deck still plays perfectly.  Manual and remote are included. 

- GFA-555 II, power amplifier - The crown jewel of this stack, the GFA-555 II uses an improved Nelson Pass design to produce 200 watts per channel into 8 ohms, and 325 watts per channel into a 4 ohm load.  This 40 pound wonder is a beast, a classic design, and holds its own against some VERY high end kit in today's market. 

This combo is tested, plug-and-play, and ready for many more years of musical enjoyment.  Couple this system with the Thiel CS2 speakers we have available in black ash and you have a 1980s audio showroom at your beck and call. 

Demos are available in Lawrence, MA

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