Adcom GFA-535 Power Amplifier - SOLD

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Adcom made its name in 1979 with the introduction of the GFA-1 power amplifier.  The GFA-1 used what Adcom called a "high current" design with substantial power, at a reasonable price.  The amp was a hit, and a company was born.  

Fun Trivia: I you can guess what "GFA" stood for, email us and we will send you some Holt Hill Audio swag.

We are offering one of the GFA-1's smaller cousins, the GFA-535.  This amplifier has been tested and works perfectly. With 60 watts per channel, this little amp is also classified as "high current" and can deliver power to even hi-end speakers with authority. It's in excellent physical condition. Comes with an audio review and advertisement from 1986.

Shipping is available, or demo in person in Lawrence, MA with COVID precautions in place.

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