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The Adcom GFA-565 is a mono amp, the same size as a stereo chassis GFA-555. It was available in standard version for $1700/pair with unbalanced inputs. Each amp is rated at 300Wpc into 8 ohms, 450Wpc into 4 ohms, and 850Wpc into 2 ohms—a bargain, wattwise.

We find the Adcom amps plain and  handsome in a utilitarian way. Heatsinks are in the back and hardly ever get more than mildly warm. Terminals are provided for two pairs of speakers for bi-wiring. The terminals are recessed between the heatsinks. Rail fuses and main AC fuse are conveniently located on the back—no need to open the chassis. The AC line cord is hard-wired, sparing you the temptation to experiment with expensive accessory power cords.

The Adcom GFA-565 sounds neutral. The midrange and treble are exceptionally smooth for solid-state. Detail is excellent with these Adcoms, we can hear separate instruments to great extent. What's more, these instruments were even more precisely localized and their position seemed to stay stable.

Have pushed a lot of hi-pro amps through these doors. Fabulous Yamaha, B-2 V-Fets, DBX BX1 behemoth, big Krells, bigger Thresholds and a slew of big-Macs and these Adcoms have the most jam, the most slam, the most grab you by the b_lls as anything run through the paces under this roof. The GFA-565 Monos have been crowned the HHA Heavyweight Power Champs. Solid 8+ in aesthetics and a 10+ in filling loosening, glass rattling strongman belt wearer in the power department. No disappointments here. Have been gone through front to back in house by our expert tech staff - ready for the nezt 20yrs. Yep, they're ALL THAT.

Come demo these monsters here at the Lawrence Shop of buy with confidence on our HHA site.

Adcom, GFA-565 Monoblock Power Amplifiers:

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