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Adcom made its name in 1979 with the introduction of the GFA-1 power amplifier.  The GFA-1 used what Adcom called a "high current" design with substantial power, at a reasonable price.  The amp was a hit, and a company was born.  

Fun Trivia: I you can guess what "GFA" stood for, email us and we will send you some Holt Hill Audio swag.

We are offering a companion product to the GFA-1, the GFT-2 AM/FM Stereo Digital Tuner.  This tuner has been tested and serviced, and works perfectly. The tuner uses a quartz-referenced digitally-synthesized tuner, amplified with a dual-gate  MOSFET RF amplifier.  It picks up stations extremely well and with clarity.  The clear digital display and 8 presets make it easy to live with also.  

If you are an Adcom collector, or if you just want an affordable tuner with no-nonsense performance, this is the one for you.

Demos are encouraged in Lawrence, MA.

$89 (plus applicable shipping and sales tax)