ADS BC8/L730 **Extremely Rare** Broadcast Monitor - SOLD

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ADS is an iconic New England hifi brand with an incredible product line and history.  Originally Aria, an importer of German-made speakers and electronics from Braun, ADS quickly grew to replace its distant cousin in the mouths of audiophiles from the 1970s, 80s, and 90s. The company produced a wide range of speakers in Massachusetts, from the diminutive L100 to the gargantuan L2030.  But ADS's midline product offerings were always popular and provided excellent performance for everyday listening.  Occasionally, the company would branch off into studio monitor territory as well.  

The most recognized of these was the large 910, and to a lesser extent, the BC8, which stood for 'B'road'C'ast Monitor in an '8'10 cabinet. The BC8 was offered in a unique configuration with dual, opposing tweeters, and a selector switch to allow the user to tailor the speaker's imaging and presentation to its positioning, either sideways or upright.  The BC8 crossover was unique to the model and bi-amping options were provided.

Here we have something even more interesting!!! It's a BC8 model, mounted inside a set of L730 model cabinets.  A later model, which may or may not have made it to final production.  Could it have been a custom order?  Could it have been a prototype?  Or the product of a bored and talented employee?  We will never know definitively.  What we do know is that it sounds GORGEOUS! These BC8/L730 use ADS's signature "sticky" dome 2" midrange and 3/4" tweeter, and a 9.75" mineral cone woofer in an acoustic suspension cabinet.  

The solid-wood curved corners and clean lines of this real walnut veneer, combined with the "oh-so 80s" metal grills come together perfectly.  Easily one of ADS's most beautiful cabinet designs.  These speakers have excellent range and play any kind of music with ease and clarity. 

This pair of speakers has been fully tested and is ready for many more years of music enjoyment.  Demos are encouraged at our Lawrence, MA showroom. 

$1,149/pair (plus applicable sales tax)


** Stands shown are not included, but can be purchased separately for $249/pair **