ADS/Braun Atelier C2 Cassette Player-Recorder

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ADS, originally Aria, began their partnership with Braun A.G. almost immediately.  The synergies between the two companies were apparent and Dr. Godehard Guenther believed that the best way to bring top-shelf audio systems to the US market was to import them from Germany. So, he did. Starting with speakers and quickly spreading into other markets, ADS became a household brand with relative quickness. 

Fast forward to the mid-80s and ADS sought to introduce some new, sleek, modern designs to the equipment lineup.  The Braun Atelier line was the perfect solution.  co-engineered between the two firms, the Atelier line was unlike anything seen before.  Competing almost directly with Bang & Olufsen in terms of design and performance, the Atelier series won out by price point. 

The C2 is an excellent single-well cassette deck introduced as part of the Atelier series.  Introduced in 1982, this deck is slick-looking and packed with excellent, easy-to-use features.  Our example C2 works exactly as it was design to.  Tape operation is seamless, clean and smooth.  The cassette drawer mechanism hides additional push button controls, which can be accessed during playback, or hidden from view when not needed. 

Features such as Dolby B and C noise reduction, digital tape counter, tape-bias selector, as well as dual mic inputs with level controls make this deck a worth addition to any system, but especially key to any ADS enthusiast's prized collection.

Demos are available in Lawrence, MA

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