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ADS is an iconic New England hifi brand with an incredible product line and history.  Originally Aria, an importer of German-made speakers and electronics from Braun, ADS quickly grew to replace its distant cousin in the mouths of audiophiles from the 1970s, 80s, and 90s. The company produced a wide range of speakers in Massachusetts, from the diminutive L100 to the gargantuan L2030.  But ADS's midline product offerings were always popular and provided excellent performance for everyday listening.

The L1290 was a large, 3-way, 4-driver speaker system that was originally released in 1984, and then updated a few years later with the "/2" model, and then updated AGAIN in 1989 to the 12/90 model, with a vastly improved crossover network and mid-tweeter compliment.

The L12/90 system we have here is a fine example of arguably one of the best setups ADS produced.  It's balanced, impactful, stately, and articulate. The narrow front baffle provides for excellent imaging characteristics.  The inverted midrange and tweeter arrangement, within close proximity to one another, add to the psychoacoustic effects that sound like a seamless integration of the two drivers.  The dual 8.5" poly cone woofers work together in a sealed enclosure to produce prodigious bass.  Although the cabinet is large, it doesn't feel large in the room due to the amazing woodworking skills of the ADS cabinet builders of the time.  

These speakers sound incredible and are right at home playing jazz, big band, techno, hip hop, or rock music.  They can literally do anything -- Versatile, easy to place in a room, and able to handle gobs of power.

The original walnut veneer is in very nice shape with only a few minor blemishes.  The original metal mesh grilles are in tact, with only wear to the original fabric dust protectors layered on the inside of the grilles, which have been lost to time.  

Demos are highly encouraged in Lawrence, MA. 

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