Advent /1 Vintage Speakers, Bullnose Real Walnut Finish - SOLD

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Sold ItemsThe Advent /1 Loudspeaker was introduced in 1978 as “A Smaller, Less Expensive Version of The New Advent Loudspeaker.”  This particular pair, however was made to the same cabinet specifications as the  NLA but with the simplified Advent /1 crossover. The result is a very robust and clean sound with full bass response.  The less complicated crossover allows the tweeter to reproduce higher frequencies without undue coloration.  This is truly a speaker you can listen to all day long without fatigue. 

With an extended frequency response, excellent 100 watt power handling, and a beautiful look, these speakers are a great buy.


This pair has been serviced and tested with new woofer foam, new crossover capacitors, and new grill frames with “honey” tweed cloth. 

Speakers can be demo’d in person with confidence, with COVID precautions in place.   

Note: Stands pictured are not included in the sale price. Please inquire separately regarding the speaker stands  


$349 (plus applicable shipping and sales tax)