Advent /1 Vintage Speakers, Restored - SOLD

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The Advent /1 Loudspeaker was introduced in 1978 as “A Smaller, Less Expensive Version of The New Advent Loudspeaker.”  The idea was to take the performance of the venerated Large Advent mode, and reduce costs by using a vinyl wood-look veneer, simplified crossover, and slightly smaller cabinet.  The driver compliment is identical to the Large Advent, however, with a 10” paper cone woofer and Advent’s signature “Fried Egg” tweeter. 

Made in Cambridge, Massachusetts, these speakers sport a classic look an impressive frequency response and power handling (52-18,000 Hz, and 100 watts, respectively).  They sound great with both vintage tube and solid state equipment and can be powered with very modest equipment. A great start for an audiophile on a budget!

This pair has new woofer foam, updated German Audyn Q4 crossover capacitors, and original grills and wood-look finish. They are an excellent value! 

In person demo’s are available with COVID precautions in place.

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