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Aerial Acoustics has come to be one of the most coveted loudspeaker brands in today's market. The stunning enclosure of the 5T is crafted by bonding multiple layers of wood together under high pressure for 48 hours in a 20-ton press. Aerial then adds crossbracing to the already thick walls and dampens the interior with New Zealand long-fiber wool. The slanted, front baffle is attached to the cabinet face with an environmentally safe damping glue. The port is front-facing and optimized with a streamlined flow for extended bass response near wall boundaries.

The driver complement comprises the same custom-made ScanSpeak 1″ woven, ring-dome, dual-magnet tweeter from the 7T, with machined aluminum face plate, and a new 6.7″ long-stroke, dual-magnet, papyrus-blend mid/woof, custom-made for the 5T. The high-order multi-element crossover uses polypropylene capacitors, silver solder, and Teflon-shielded wiring. Crossover is at 2.7kHz. The back panel has two pairs of binding posts with jumpers for single-wiring, bi-wiring, or bi-amping. A thoughtful touch: There are the four adjustable spikes with protective covers for furniture or bookshelf placement.

The sonic mission of the 5T comes through loud and clear—a deceptively small footprint to disarm the listener and then, ka-boom, a full bodied, big-boy, musical signature... the 5T stands as a rebuttal to the small compacts of yesterday that were not only bass-shy but carried stingers instead of tweeters.

In tonal balance, the 5T is not a speaker of extremes. It satisfies by concentrating its energy right down the middle, projecting a round, rich, colorful musical landscape that avoids any brittle, aggressive, or forward tendencies. Its balance is not of the over-hyped variety, either in the upper octaves or in the mid-to-upper bass. It has a forgiving character that keeps sibilance in check, soothing and smoothing the reedy rasp of a tenor sax or the smoky sensuality of say, a Stevie Nicks vocal,... just fabulous!

These 5Ts are brand new factory seconds,... they have small patches of ghosting under the "Ebony" finished surface that's only visible if you're right on top off the speaker. They come with the FULL Aerial Manufacturers Warranty... Save almost $1,100.00 off retail! NO disappointments with these Aerials - they are just beautiful and play gloriously!

Come listen to these Aerial, 5T Monitors today at our Lawrence showroom or purchase online with confidence via this website.

Aerial Acoustics 5T Monitors: $2,899 + applicable sales tax