Aerial Acoustics 7(A) - Elegant Simplicity

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Arriving on the heels of Aerial's iconic 10T design, the model 7 looked pretty conventional at the time: a slim tower with a single Scanspeak 8" treated paper cone woofer and 1" titanium dome tweeter. The black ash wood veneer finish is clean and uncluttered and the build quality is excellent. But what really makes these speakers stand out, along with every Aerial design, is the careful attention to electro-acoustic tuning that brings another dimension to the listening experience. 

The 8" cast basket woofer may only look like a treated cone, but underneath, there's a whole lot more going on.  The driver's extended pole-piece with brass internal shorting ring and elongated voice coil allow for long excursion with reduced distortion near Xmax.  This allows the modestly sized driver to behave like a much bigger cousin.  One thing long excursion drivers often suffer from is "slowness" due to the increased weight of the cone -- Needed for cone stiffness.  Well, Aerial solved that problem by developing a cone made from lightweight coated paper, of different types, in a sandwich.  This formulation adds to the structure while maintaining lightness.  

Similarly, the tweeter was modified from Scanspeak's usually stock to allow for resonant frequency well below the crossover point, improving clarity; and a custom-designed felt diffraction ring to reduce cabinet influences on the sound.  

The result is a very open and transparent upper range, with bottom support from the 8" drivers that will leave you wondering where's the subwoofer.  This formula for success is not overly unique to Aerial.  All of their products have this effect in listeners; Speakers that seemingly melt into the room, and at the same time can deliver a gut punch that you just weren't expecting. 

These model 7s are in excellent physical condition with just the slightest signs of wear....down to the original grille cloth which still looks new despite being 30 years old. 

Demos are highly encouraged in Lawrence, MA.

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