Aerial Acoustics 10T, Another Iconic Super-Speaker

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The Aerial Acoustics 10T are a very special speaker. Designed with an almost completely flat/neutral frequency curve in mind, the speakers are the epitome of “what goes in, comes out” in terms of sound quality, presence, and timbre.  These speakers show you exactly what the music, and your upstream equipment, are capable of. 

These original-owner 10T were lovingly cared for. The cast “Novalith” acoustically inert upper range heads are in perfect condition with none of the paint issues that some people have experienced. The Kevlar midrange drivers are in impeccable condition as are the original 1” titanium dome tweeters. And the 10” bi-laminate composite cone woofers provide chest pounding low end when called for. 

The black-painted walnut veneered cabinet finish is in excellent condition with only one minor “boo-boo” on the back corner of one unit. But in all, these speakers are super presentable, no lifting, no staining, and no significant blemishes at all.

To top off this package, they come with the original grilles, top and bottom; and the specifically designed Sound Anchor bases, which are becoming harder and harder to find.

The Aerial 10T are "all-day-listenable.” The presentation is not too forward, but very detailed. The custom designed, dual-sandwich-cone Kevlar midranges are smooth and realistic, without being overbearing, especially with instruments like guitar and piano. And the bass is tremendous: deep down to your gut without being boomy.

$2,499 (plus shipping and/or MA sales tax)