Aerial Acoustics 10T Replacement Top Grilles

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Aerial Acoustics began production of the model 10T in 1991, and the speaker design was an instant classic.  We have had the pleasure of collaborating with Mike, Dave, and Karl from Aerial on several occasions, and an equal pleasure in experiencing the 10T first-hand.  One aspect of the speaker that may require refurbishment after 30+ years of ownership, are the grilles to the top "heads." Originally made from a reticulated foam material, the grilles deteriorate over time through exposure to UV, temperature, and humidity changes.  

With Aerial's blessings we have designed minimalistic grille frames for the 10T, to protect their rare drivers from curious finger pokes, and keep dust at bay,  The grille frames are made from 1/2" MDF, covered in acoustically transparent cloth, and are ready to mount with circular velcro mounting tabs.  Just pop them on! 

$199 per set, shipped within the Continental US.  

Note: These grille frames are made to order, lead times can be 2-3 weeks, though we aim for shorter.