Aerial Acoustics 10T, Very Special History - SOLD

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These Aerial Acoustics 10T Series 1 are pretty special. These were owned by Dave Marshall's father and purchased in 1991 as a means for Dave and Mike to launch Aerial Acoustics after leaving ADS as design engineers. Although not the first 10T made, they were the first sold and helped finance their endeavor. As someone who is still in the throws of designing and launching a speaker company and brand, we 100% appreciate what these speakers mean to Dave and Mike personally, and to Aerial as a company.

These 10T were lovingly cared for. The cast concrete "heads" are in perfect condition with none of the paint issues that some people have experienced. The foam upper grilles have been preserved in the same zip lock bag for 30 years. The drivers are all in impeccable condition. The woofers were removed and rebuilt by Scanspeak "some time ago" according to Karl at Aerial.

The cabinet finish is in excellent condition with some sun fading from the years. But the wood veneer is very presentable, no lifting, no staining, and only one very minor scratch on the rear of one unit.

These Series 1 speakers are "all-day-listenable.” The presentation is not too forward, but very detailed. The custom designed, dual-sandwich-cone Kevlar midranges are smooth and realistic, without being overbearing, especially with instruments like guitar and piano. And the bass is tremendous: deep down to your gut without being boomy.

S/N 021 and 022. You will not find another set of 10T in this condition, and with this provenance. Dave has agreed to write a letter attesting to their history as well.

Offering these speakers for $2,999 plus shipping/delivery fees.

Reminder that we are making another cross-country trek around May 17, so if you want to get on the manifest, let me know. And these will be hand-delivered in the original Aerial Acoustic boxes.