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Compared to Aerial's TOL 10T with its separate molded midrange/tweeter module sitting atop a large bass enclosure, the 7B looks pretty conventional: a slim tower with twin 7" woofers, a 5" midrange, and a 1" tweeter. Classic & timeless, but not a major statement in industrial design. However, examine the 7B more closely and you'll notice ways in which it stands out from the competition.

For its size, this must be one of the heaviest speakers around—nearly 100 lbs each. The weight comes from 2"-thick walls, constrained-layer damping blocks, extensive bracing, and woofers with cast frames and large magnets. The midrange unit, custom-made for Aerial in Germany, is an unshielded version of Aerial's CC3 center-channel driver, and has its own wool-filled chamber within the enclosure. The tweeter, a vented metal-dome unit made exclusively for Aerial, is the same as the one in the 10T. The cabinet's joints are extremely tight, which contributes to the rigidity of the enclosure. The wood veneer has a symmetrical pattern on every side. The rounded edges are inlaid wood that matches the flat surfaces of the enclosure. The finish is impeccable.

The 7B's crossover is built on two glass-epoxy circuit boards, and allows for biwiring. Crossover points and slopes are not specified, but Michael Kelly admits that the slopes are higher-order and vary from driver to driver. Wiring is the highest-purity copper, and connections are made with silver solder. The crossover uses air-core coils and polypropylene capacitors. The speaker came with plastic feet that can be replaced with spikes.

Being very familiar with the Aerial brand and it's proprietors we can emphatically vouch for the quality build and extraordinary full range sonic footprint of these 7Bs. They are in excellent condition with just the slightest signs of wear. Have them singing in our high-end room with Canor electronics and they are truly amazing. Can't possible recommend these speakers enough. NO DISAPPOINTMENTS with these Aerials... would be shocked if the 1st person to stop in and demo these won't leave with them. They're THAT good.

Come demo these fine Aerial, 7B at our Lawrence showroom or purchase online via this website.

Aerial Acoustics, 7B Full Range Towers: $1799.00 plus applicable sales tax

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