Allison Acoustics Model Two Vintage Loudspeakers - SOLD

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Allison Acoustics was founded in Natick, MA in March 1974.  Roy Allison sought to develop a series of speakers to work specifically with, not against, room acoustics; an issue he wrote about during his early career at Acoustic Research.

The Allison Two speakers addressed Roy's concerns on room dynamics by "loading" the room; placing the speaker's broadest side directly against a side wall. Like the larger, Allison One, the Twos are a three-way design -- using Allison's signature "pointy" paper dome tweeter and coated paper dome midrange.  Adding a high compliance coated paper cone 8" woofer for the bottom end, the Twos present a very lively, full-range sound.

This example are in excellent physical shape.  The fragile plastic perforated grilles are in very good condition.  Tweeter capacitors have been replaced and the control lever in the rear of the cabinet has been treated to prevent corrosion.

Demos are welcome at our Lawrence, MA showroom.

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