Alón/Nola "Replica" Center Channel Speaker, Made by Us!

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What (sorta) began as Dahlquist, evolved into Alón, and eventually became Nola, is the speaker company still alive and kicking today.  in the 1990s, the company developed a highly-regarded and popular loudspeaker, initially dubbed the Lotus and later the Viper.  Although several generations removed from John Dahlquists’s original DQ-10, the Alón Lotus and Nola Viper speaker systems shared many of the same traits as Dahlquist’s iconic designs: sealed speaker enclosures, open-backed mid and high frequency baffle positioning, and hand-picked speaker drivers of exceptional quality.

To go along with the 1990s and 2000s hifi home theater market, Nola also developed a center channel to go along with their other products.  The LCR Reference utilized many of the same design traits as the Lotus/Viper cousins.  High quality cast-frame Scanspeak drivers positioned horizontally for more accurate vocal imaging and timing, and Nola's signature "open back" mid and tweeter arrangement.  

We were commissioned some time ago to assemble a replica LCR Reference for a client.  Having been very familiar with the Lotus and Viper designs, both externally and internally, we were able to measure the client's Viper II towers and create a crossover and cabinet that very closely mimicked the sound characteristics of the real deal.  We utilized extremely high quality Seas/Scanspeak 5.5" alum cone woofers in dual sealed enclosures, along with a Vifa 4" midrange and Vifa 1" meta dome tweeter.  Wrapped in a beautifully sculpted and finished cherry veneer, this center channel served our client well for many years.  Alas, it's time for it to find a new home. 

If you or someone you know is an Alon/Nola owner, and looking for a budget-oriented center channel solution designed to be voiced like the original, this speaker is for you! 

Demos are encouraged in Lawrence, MA. 

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