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GAS (Great American Sound Company) came out of SAE. James Bongiorno, a designer at SAE, created a product called the “Ampzilla”, which was originally designed as a construction project for Popular Electronics Magazine. There was sufficient demand for the product that he left SAE and founded GAS. Over the years, he designed an entire family of preamplifiers and amplifiers.


Model no: GAS 500

Power Output

256 W rms @8 Ohms @less than 0.05% 20Hz to 20KHz
375 W rms @4 Ohms @less than 0.1% 20Hz to 20KHz
500 W rms @2 Ohms @less than 1% 20Hz to 20KHz

  • Total Distortion from 0.25W to rated output @8 Ohms
    THD : less than 0.05%
    IM: less than 0.05%
    TIM: less than 0.01%
  • Frequency Response and power bandwidth at rated power:
    0.12Hz to 20KHz - 0.1 dB @8 Ohms
  • Damping factor: >150@20Hz to 1KHz
  • Input sensitivity : 1.8 Volts RMS for Rated output
  • Input Impedance: 75K Ohms
  • Slew Rate:
    Voltage Slew Rate : +/- 100V/uS
    Current Slew Rate : +/- 10A/uS
  • Noise: >-120dB (IHF A weighted)
  • Size : 48cm(W)x18cm(H)x34cm(D)
  • Weight : 65 lbs/32Kg

Production History: Introduced in 1980 the 500 model ran through 1982 - original Retail Price was $1395

This Ampzilla 500 is truly a BEAST. Gobs of immense clean power at your disposal at all times. Dynamics are incredible... all the jam & slam one could ever hope for. Been serviced and upgraded here by our expert tech and is ready to bump & boogie for the next 25yrs. Really an amazing piece of America audio.

Come hear this incredible G.A.S. Servo Loop Amplifier at the Lawrence shop or purchase with confidence via this website.

G.A.S. Ampzilla 500 Servo Loop Power Amplifier: $1699 + applicable sales tax