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Anthony Gallo Acoustics (AGA) have been known for making funky-looking orb-shaped speakers that deliver jaw-dropping performance.  The "Round Sound" phenomenon comes from a combination of innovative driver design, customized crossover networks, and in some cases a little DSP magic.  Several years into AGA's success as a maker of spherical speakers, the company sought to make a box speaker that would deliver the same type of listening experience, but with a more traditional and affordable approach.  The "Classico" line was then born. 

The Classico speakers included, two bookshelf styles, two floor-standing designs, a center channel for home theater, and a subwoofer or two for good measure.  The CL-3 were the smaller of the floor standing models, standing a diminutive 31" tall -- Allowing them to recede into a room's decor without much objection!  The speakers were designed as a 2-way using AGA's innovative 180 degree ribbon tweeter, the "CDT" or Cylindrical Diaphragm Transducer.  Coupled with two 5.25" poly cone woofers in a specially-designed transmission-line enclosure and heavily customized crossover network, the CL-3 deliver's on AGA's promise of wide-dispersion and imaging, with a little more bottom end support than one might expect from a speaker this size and shape. 

Our CL-3 speakers look beautiful in a custom-ordered "Black Cherry" wood veneer, with perfect drivers, and beautifully designed curved, perforated metal mesh grilles. The speakers exhibit everything you would imagine from an innovative company like AGA, but with a little more traditional aesthetic.  

Shipping is possible in the original AGA cartons.

MUST PURCHASE (2) as these are priced individually.  

Anthony Gallo Acoustics Classico CL-3 Specifications and Manual (PDF)


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