Antique Sound Labs, Hurricane DT Monoblock Amplifiers "Incredible" - SOLD

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It's rare that a product fully lives up to the "hype" but, in this unique case, the Antique Sound Labs, Hurricane DT monoblocks we have here at our shop absolutely obliterate it! These valve amps are extraordinary in every way... the soundstage they reproduce is HUGE. Their airiness has surpassed all other amps to have populated this shop floor; and we have had some incredible pieces. A massive amp at 11.5 x 19" & all of 70lbs each, they bring the muscle too with 200 Watts each in Pentode and 100 Watts in Triode operation. Come with the standard 4, 8, 16ohm taps typically of this caliber component. Incredibly neat & organized single ended RCA operation. Did I mention these amps are dead quiet... zero noise, no humm/no crackele - zero... just black. They exhibit tremendous dynamics as evidenced by their astounding ability to reproduce intense classical pieces. Highly transparent, these amps are capable of stark realism. They sound "like music" and play as true and natural as anything we've put them up against.

This set if ASLs are in excellent (solid 9) condition with only the slightest signs of wear. KT88s power tubes all exhibit hundreds of hours of use remaining. Our in-house tech has just finished a thorough once through and they check out to be in exemplary condition. These Hurricanes are truly impressive pieces... they have made every set of speakers in our shop positively sing. Playing now through a Manley, Shrimp linestage and a set of Aerial, 5T standmounts and the sound is breathtaking!

Come demo these fabulous ASL, Hurricane DT Amplifiers at our Lawrence showroom or purchase with confidence via this website.

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Antique Sound Labs, Hurricane DT Monoblock Amplifiers: $3,299.00 (the pair) + applicable sales tax

*Included in this sale are a pair of Van den Hul "The Mainstream" power cords... a $300 value!