Aperion Audio Intimus 532LR Mini Monitors - SOLD

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We at HHA have been big fans of several direct-to-consumer loudspeaker manufacturers - but only after they proved that their products held up against comparable models by more mainstream manufacturers. Aperion Audio produce a good bang-for-the-buck product with the Intimus 5.1 system (comprised of four 532-LRs a 532-C and S-8 powered subwoofer). The 532-LRs we are offering here are nothing short of fabulous in a simple 2.0 stereo setup and vastly outperform many MMs we've had experience with in the past. Some heavy names I won't mention too.

Aperion's entire loudspeaker line utilizes the same 1" thick HDF cabinetry that made them famous. Knock on the walls of these speakers and you may hurt your hand, but you won't hear any cabinet resonance. We removed one of the midrange drivers and peered inside to see the well-braced, well-damped cabinet (ok, we admit it - we were looking for particle board or a reduction in the wall thickness!) While it is certainly impressive to see a 1" thick baffle, we have to say that it's really overkill for a cabinet of this size provided there is also some cross bracing (and there is). That's always a good thing and a good snapshot of the overall build quality of these little gems.

Solid 8+ in appearance and 10+ in performance. these little devils are fantastic with every genre of music we've thrown at them. For less than $200 we'd be hard pressed to recommend anything else. Come complete with wall mounting brackets. 

Can demo these at the Lawrence shop of purchase online with every confidence.

Aperion, Intimus 532LR bookshelf speakers: $75 + applicable sales tax