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Apogee Acoustics was formed in 1981 to create full-range planar-ribbon loudspeakers using a unique combination of proven ribbon designs and a new, dual-sided etched membrane stretched onto a hand-made wooden frame. The design goals were to create true dipole speakers that disappeared into the listening space and could provide hyper-realistic representation of vocals and instruments.

The Stage was Apogee's smallest and least expensive true planar-ribbon design, introduced in 1990.  The Stage uses both a 26" long ribbon tweeter along with a wide-bandwidth etched magnetic-planar panel for mid- and low-frequency response. A simple first-order network ensures that the input signal remains as un-colored as possible from crossover components, crosstalk, or phase issues.  These crossovers have been completely rebuild to the original spec and work 100% perfectly. 

With a low nominal impedance of 3 ohms, and a sensitivity of only 86 dB, these speakers will need a capable amplifier to drive them properly, but when the setup is right, the results are astounding. 

The following Vimeo link illustrates how wonderful these unique speakers sound:


As always, in-person demos are encouraged.

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* Shipping is not possible with these delicate speakers.

* NOTE: The flat panel "foam" has not been replaced. Had it been replaced, the asking price would be 3x what it is. If you know Apogees, you know that this is an incredible starting price for a hard to find *complete* and *working* system.