Arcam P90 Power Amplifier

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The Arcam “DiVA” series components provide excellent performance at a very reasonable price. “DiVA” stands for Digitally Integrated Video & Audio and was an early design by Arcam to develop a modular design where different audio and video features could be added at the buyer’s discretion to meet their needs. 

It was common for the A90 Integrated Amplifier and P90 Power Amplifier to be purchased together. Each unit features 90 watts per channel of power to either one or two pair of speakers. Both amps are also 4 ohm stable. 

  • 90 + 90 Watts continuous output per channel (8 ohms)
  • 2 switchable speaker outputs
  • 6 inputs and 2 tape loops, one with fixed gain for AV processors
  • DC coupled
  • Ultra-wide dynamic range and power bandwidth
  • Ultra fast slew rate

Can easily be demo’d in our Lawrence, MA showroom.

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