Ascend Acoustics, Sierra-1 Reference Monitors

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"In some ways, writing about Ascend Acoustics' new Sierra-1 bookshelf monitor is an easy job. Easy because, simply put, the Sierra-1 is the best loudspeaker ever made under $1000. There, I said it!

Now, I could make this the shortest review ever and just leave it at that. That is, if I wanted half my readers to write me off as ignorant, and have the other half fire a salvo of angry emails that my new editor (new, in that this is my first review for would certainly force me to answer. I wouldn't blame you! I was skeptical at first myself... allow me to explain,... " - ENOY THE MUSIC, 2007

"If you are one of the more well-heeled among us, and happen to be in the market for an accurate yet enjoyable stand-mounted monitor in the upper echelons of the price continuum, I encourage you to put the Sierra-1 on your short list. Open your mind (or more importantly, your ears)…great things await those who dissuade themselves of the notion that spending more money always equals better sound.

For the serious music lover (I'm talking about those of us who spend more on music each year than we spend on gear our entire lives) or budget audiophile, the age-old truism of "put the majority of your money in speakers" could not ring more true here. The Sierra-1 makes a great foundation to an audio system, one that you can upgrade around for years (or not)…they could be the last speakers you ever buy. In fact, they may well be the last that Iever buy." - ENJOY THE MUSIC, 2007

This set of Sierra-1 are in excellent condition  & play like they just came out of the box. Truly, an EXCEPTIONAL monitor. Just the right size but performed here at the shop waaaay better than they should have. Truly eye-openers!

Come demo these fine Ascend Acoustics monitors here at the shop or purchase with confidence via this site.

Ascend Acoustics, Sierra-1 Standmount Speaker System: $429 plus sales tax and shipping when applicable

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