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Actually, besides the slightly similar spelling, there are almost no similarities between the Audcom AP-900A integrated tube amplifier and anything by Adcom. Oh, what a difference a letter makes!  The Audcom is a beautifully designed, simple, and effective line-stage tube amp.  With it's brushed aluminum and steel chassis, and rosewood decorative side panels, the amp looks amazing.  Oversized power transformers are tastefully obscured by powder coated covers.  And the tactile feel of the power switch, selector knob, and volume control all speak to its quality.  

The AP-900A was designed about 20 years ago and imported to the US through a Canadian partner of HiSonic International (who?).  Not many were sold state-side and how this one made it here is a bit of a mystery, but we are glad it made it!  The amp features 35 watts per channel of EL34 tube power...In this case, a host of NOS Mullards to the task and they execute extremely well.  The amp is even-tempered and has a wonderful, open presentation.  The large iron behind the tubes contributes to smooth and powerful bass response, and the simplicity of the design keeps the vocals and highs clean and unfussy. 

We love the way this amp looks and performs.  And it has plenty of juice for most 87dB and higher efficiency speakers.  

A great bargain, with a funny name!

Demos are encouraged in Lawrence, MA.

$899 (plus applicable sales tax)

*Due to the fragile nature of this amp, shipping is not recommended.