Audible Illusions, Modulus 3A Preamp w/PS 1 Offboard Power Supply & MM Phono Stage - SOLD

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"For over forty years Audible Illusions has been recognized as a major contributor in the development of high-end audio components. Based on the design philosophy that “Simpler is Better” our Modulus preamplifiers have received critical acclaim from audio critics and enthusiastic owners the world over. Today, our resolve to bring value to reference level sound is greater than ever. To do so, we combine innovative design with the finest components available." - Audible Illisions website 

We at HHA have a deep rooted thing for audio gear or we wouldn't be audiophiles; we'd be music lovers like everyone else.

But we believe there's a part of our audio psyche that wants us to find that special something, a soulmate piece of gear, one for every component category in our life. Once we've taken stock of the equipment we've bought over the years, and tallied those pieces that have made us happy and those not nearly so; once we become more attuned to the kind of hobbyist we are, we gain a deeper appreciation for the real deal: that component that has stood the test of time in our lives that it became like "family" to us.

We believe the L3A might be such a real-deal component. It makes us happy to turn on every time. Compounding this feeling is the fact that of the many, MANY glowing reviews from this component, there is not one that paints this preamp differently. It gets the love that for certain but one needs to share in its simplistic approach to fully appreciate what this 3A has to offer. We run through a lot of preamps here at the shop but this Modulus is about as good as it gets for ANY full featured preamp under $10K and honestly, it compares favorably to pieces costing 3-4x as much. This component is in solid 9+ conditionn with virtually no signs of wear. That goes for the PS-1 offboard power supply as well. All OM boxes, packaging & paperwork complete the set.

Yes, the Audible Illusions, Modulus 3A is a special preamp. It may very well be the last preamp you ever purchase, it's THAT good. 

Demos are always encouraged here at the Lawrence shop or purchase with confidence via this website.

Audible Illusions, Modulus 3A w/PS-1 Power Supply and MM Phono Stage: $1599.00 + applicable sales tax