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The ClairAudient The One is a "bookshelf" speaker that measures only 7" high by 5.5" wide by 7" deep and sports a single 3" full-range, dynamic driver. The driver's cone is made of a titanium alloy, has a moving mass of only 2.5gm, and is capable of 12mm excursion. This A3-S driver is the same one found in Audience's flagship model, the ClairAudient 16+16 ($72,000/pair), which uses 32 of them. According to Audience, the elimination of the inherent sonic compromises of a crossover and dissimilar drivers eliminates phase distortions and transient response degradation, and results in improved resolution. The One loads its single driver with a rear-facing, circular passive radiator. This occupies most of the speaker's rear panel and is mounted above a pair of binding posts. The One is wired internally with Audience's Ohno continuous casting (OCC) monocrystal wire.

"Audience's ClairAudient One is an extraordinary speaker with superb resolution of detail, excellent dynamic contrasts, and subtle articulation of transients. It's capable of providing satisfying, involvingly uncolored long-term listening over a broad range of music. Given the One's unusual design, however, I suggest that potential buyers think very carefully about how they might configure a pair of them. I think the Ones would be an excellent match for a conventional system when mounted on solid stands 4' from the front wall, so long as you're not that concerned about bass extension. It would also work well in systems for which the buyer is limited to very small speakers that must remain on bookshelves very close to the front wall, and is willing to live with a shallower soundstage." - Sterophile 

You really need to hear these little rascals to belive them... they can fill a small room with detailed, resolving and bass accurate sound. They are small, silly in blue but to us their quirkiness is hat makes them special. Come to the shop& hear these... you'll leave with them, in your pocket, lol.

Audience, ClairAudient "The One" Desktop Speakers: $499.00 + sales tax when applicable