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"The Dual 75A Amplifier is the latest in a series of high definition products introduced by Audio Research Corporation utilizing our patented and other unique circuitry.

Construction is of near military quality, surpassing even our previous product quality, utilizing very high quality components in a deliberately "over-engineered" manner. For example, where one watt dissipation is required of a resistor, we typically use a 5 watt unit. If a Zener must dissipate 1 1/4 watts, we use a 5 watt unit. Considerable additional care has been used in the design and layout of the extra-thick epoxy-glass circuit boards used. Wires (and heavy parts) are not merely connected to the foil, but rather employ a "funlet" (a non-rolled eyelet for maximum solder-wall area). This provides a mechanical and electrical reliability far beyond conventional techniques. Output tube sockets are mounted, not by the solder contacts as in conventional equipment, but with a mounting plate, standoffs and bolts, providing strain relief to the actual solder connections. To assure ample air flow over the circuit board components, and thereby maintain conservative operating temperatures for these parts, the main circuit board has 198 3/16" holes. Additionally, the entire bottom and most of the top of the unit is covered with perforated metal. Probably no audio amplifier ever offered has had the degree of conservatism and inherent reliability of the Dual 75 & revised Dual 75A.

From a performance standpoint, this amplifier incorporates all the technology gains that have been realized in the evolvement of the Dual 50 series and the Dual 100. It is the highest definition unit we have produced. Perhaps a comment made out East last week about it might convey the type of response we have had from those who have heard it: "For the serious audiophile the day of the solid state amplifier is over." While we don't really expect this unit to replace all the various amplifiers available today, we do know that for those who can hear and have adequate associated equipment, this amplifier will be quite a revelation. It is totally unique in it's ability to produce the normally missing dimension of music reproduction - that of depth. It also adds nothing there is no "graininess" or other obvious coloration that is so apparent in today's best amplifiers." - Audio Research Corporation Archives

It's almost impossible to describe the sonic footprint of this ARC Dual 75A. The sheer brute force this amp provides is nothing short of astounding. We have it hooked up to a set of Perlisten towers, a typically tough speaker to drive but this amp grabs their bass drivers by the neck and makes them shout for mercy. The grip it has on those drivers is incredible. It literally slams but with pace and musicality. This is a SERIOUS piece of kit and another stellar piece from the Richard K collection of fine audio components. The man collected & loved only gear of the highest quality. He used this amp to power his Magnapan, Timpani electrostatic panels and said it was "absolutely glorious" - well we have those too and just might even put this entire package togther complete with the S.A.E. Model ONE preamp for a vintage setup of the highest order. Solid 8+ appearance and thoroughly gone through here by our master tech and is reported to be in exceptional shape and performing to spec. What we have here is 75 watts per/channel of classic push-pull excellence!

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Audio Research, High Definition Model Dual 75A Tube Power Amplifier: $1799 plus applicable sales tax