Audio Research, SP-3A-1 Preamplifier - Classic Perfection

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So this ARC SP3A-1 all tube preamp was the prized possession and top dog processor in Richard Ks vinyl rig. He spent a lot of time and a lot of money updating this preamp to provide continuous trouble free service well into the future. We love old preamps because they are infinitely repairable and contain no semiconductors that are difficult to track down - all quality discrete components. As you can see by the accompanying documentation, ARC in 2010 did a tremendous amount of work on this piece upgrading its discrete components so as to not change the sonic signature of this preamp, and all replacement components were selected with care from larger batches and carefully matched. Audiophile magazine said of this little preamp in 1971: "We thought Audo Research's previous-model SP-2C (footnote 1) was excellent, but this is even better—the closest thing available, in fact, to the ideal straight wire with gain" - so I wanted to ensure I did not change anything that would effect the sonic signature. It is highly unlikely that you will *ever* find another SP3 unit that has been so thoroughly and caringly restored electronically and physically to daily-driver condition. From a stable of preamps including those by Mac, NAGRA, Levinson, Naim, Spectral etc... this was his preferred preamp. He states, "the phono stage in this ARC bettered several of his very expensive off-board phono preamps". We are 100% behind that statement as we got the chance to experience this piece in his kit which included custome Eico monoblocks, Garard Idler TT & Magnapan, Tympanis. The sound was truly otherworldly. he would have never parted with this piece if he didn't have another in ROSE GOLD finish which he stated there were/are less than 50 ever produced. Just an amazing man and his collection is without comparison. Clean as a whistle and in solid 9 condition (appearance). There is no rating high enough for its performance... Also know this preamp has been thoroughly gone through here by our expert in-house tech. It preforms to spec and he states "I'm very familiar with this pre and it is one of the great audio preamps ever produced." - nuff said!

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Audio Research Corp, SP-3A-1 Exceptional Tube Preamp: $2999.00  plus applicable sales tax