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LA-16 Lineatage: After a successful run of more than three years, and with the introduction of more advanced preamps like the LS25 and REF2, it was time for a successor to the LS15. This new model -- the LS16 Stereo Vacuum-Tube Preamplifier -- offers superior performance, greater flexibility and more intuitive controls.

Chassis size and appearance are almost identical to the previous LS15, with the same complement of balanced / single ended inputs and outputs. The only major operational change is that the "Direct" input path of the LS15 is now a single-ended, unity-gain processor pass-through, a feature also included on the LS25 and RE F2. Incorporation in a home theater while preserving great two-channel sound is easier than ever. Input selections have been relabelled to include CD BAL, Phono, Tuner, Aux SE and Aux BAL.

Inside the LS16, you will find a new Class A gain circuit using four 6922 twin triodes with our proprietary clear damping rings, plus greater energy storage, the latest Infinicaps and improved power-supply regulation. The result is a sonic presentation that goes way, way beyond the LS15! Highs are better defined with a finer grain structure and less electronic hash, the midrange is more pure and open, while bass control, extension and dynamics are vastly improved from the LS15. Overall, there is much greater musical and tonal coherence from top to bottom, while definition of musical structure is more vivid and natural. This wonderfully balanced preamplifier mates extremely well with every vacuum-tube and solid-state amplifier we've tried.
VS55 Tube Power Amplifier: Simultaneously, Audio Research announced the introduction of a new vacuum-tube stereo power amplifier: the VS55, with a rated output of 50 watts per channel. The VS55 makes a wonderful companion to the LS16 Linestage. Together, these exciting new companion products enable you to assemble a true Audio Research music system at a more reasonable cost. Like the LS16, the VS55 represents a fresh, new design direction for Audio Research. Using an open (rather than fully enclosed) chassis architecture, the VS55 features a milled, anodized top plate through which the input and output tubes project upward. The chassis is finished in matte black with silver lettering, while the top plate is clear anodized with an inset logo. Behind the tubes and finished top plate are located the output and power transformers and a row of high-quality power-supply capacitors. The appearance is crisp and logical without being overly "retro."
So these two units will be sold together. They came from the same one owner home, were purchased togther and will remain togther with the next owner. Look, we get a lot of great gear here at HHA... no doubt about it but know, these ARC components are just extraordinary in every way. 1. They are spotless in appearance; the prior owner cherished these two pieces beyond reproach. 2. The synergy between the pre & power is exemplary. Tough to find the words to describe this pairing - try magnificent in every way. Come complete with original boxes, packaging, OMs, full low hours tube compliment (both pieces) and remote. Have had to fight off everyone who works under this roof from taking these home - they are THAT GREAT.
Come demo these fine Audio Research components here at the Lawrence shop or purchase with confidence via this website.
Audio Research Corporation, ARC LS16 & VS55: $3199 (2 pieces) + applicable sales tax