Audiomat Ópera Réference Class A Integrated Tube Amplifier, High End! - SOLD

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This piece is absolutely exceptional in every way.  Audiomat is a small hifi company based out of Montreal, Canada, but with most product design coming from France. They make outstanding products, with the Ópera Réference Class A Tube Integrated Amplifier being one of the best they have every made.  The amplifier features five line-level unbalanced inputs, selectable through a large, milled aluminum selector knob.  A similarly-shaped knob exists on the other side of the unit for controlling volume, which is also motorized to allow for remote control operation.


Output comes from a Class A architecture that features KT88 output tubes with 30 watts of authoritative, and taps for 4 ohm and 8 ohm operation to assist with matching output loads with your speakers.  The amount of control and clarity from this amplifier will make the hairs on your neck stand on end.


This unit is in pristine condition.  The original shipping crate, ownership materials, hi-fi reviews, remote, tripod positioning spikes, and upgraded power cord are all included in the sale.  The fit and finish on this amplifier are perfect.  This is a “grail” piece of equipment for the conscious buyer.


Shipping will be available for this item.  However, it really should be demo’d in person.  Demos are available at our showroom with COVID precautions in place.


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