Audion, Sterling EL34 Tube Integrated Amp - "C'est Magnifique"

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Audion Sterling EL34 Valve Amplifier: Since Audion started, back in 1987, they have stayed true to a simple guiding principle: to open the doorway into the world of high-end audio without forcing people to sacrifice their home or bank balance.

The Sterling range was originally launched back in 1977 and has exemplified the Audion philosophy of excellent build quality, outstanding visual appeal and an incredible valve sound at a competitive price that a true working man can own.

The Sterling Integrated is hardwired, employs large HQ transformers, uses superior inner/outer casings & components and powers output with EL34 valves, arguably the best tubes for midrange purity. These hardwired amps follow the design philosophy that simplicity is the key to a great sounding amplifier. That Audion position is evident in every product they bring to market.

The Sterling integrated is built with components sourced from all of Europe however most are milled and produced in-house insuring home base quality control. They source only the finest EL34, 6H1N & 5687 tubes and our experience with this amp is that of a super lush magical presentation where the musicians appear right in the room with you. Voices are exemplary and its balance and weight are way above the standard for a $4K (new retail) integrated. A simply marvelous piece of kit in exceptional 9+ overall condition. This amp was used here to power a highly efficient set of Audio Note speakers and the results were just amazing. The ANs never sounds so good as they did being fired by this 12 watt per/side tube wonder. Another piece of curated incredible hiend from the Richard K collection. Every component iconic and worthy of being labeled "C'est Magnifique."

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Audion, Sterling integrated amplifier: $1799 plus sales tax & shipping when applicable