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The B&K Reference 2220 is a compact, very efficient, two channel amplifier designed to be used in all types of audio or audio/video systems. It utilizes high quality electronic circuitry to achieve an environment wherein a detailed, transparent, and highly musical sound can be realized. The efficient high current torodial transformers and discrete circuitry helps to achieve accurate audio reproduction. It operates in class A predriver and AB high current MOSFET power output stages for smoother sound and efficient power delivery. The large capacity computer grade electrolytic capacitors extend low frequency control and improve dynamics. Gold plated connectors and 1% metal film low noise resistors raise sound quality and degree of repeatability. It is capable of reproducing the most demanding audio signals at rated power levels and protecting accidental shorting of output devices and thermal overload.

The B&K Reference 2220 has slightly warm, lush and tube-like sound with no detail loss. It is refined and focused, not grainy and harsh at high volumes found in most amplifiers. The bass is pronounced and tight enough to outperform even the more expensive amplifiers. The B&K Reference 2220 can reproduce an precise soundstage with a three dimensional feel and robust power that keeps the woofers under control. The quieter vocals are magnificent and very well presented. The amplifier has enough power and control to drive most arduous speaker loads with no signs of strain. Even with massive power, the temperature does not rise easily and the sound quality is not lost over time. The B&K Reference 2220 will deliver a top level of sophistication and unparalleled audio experience for any audiophile.

This amp is in fabulous 9+ condition in every way. Super clean and performs to spec... has balanced input too boot for those using XLR connects. Been gone through extensively here in-house by our expert tech staff and ready to perform flawlessly for the next 25yrs. Really a wonderful power amplifier capable of driving tough loads with pace and authority.

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B&K, Reference 2220 Power Amplifier: $649 plus applicable sales tax