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"Amazingly, here is a moderately priced 70Wpc amplifier that could hold its own against the best I have heard! This amp is detailed, beautifully sweet and airy at the top, capable of reproducing remarkable depth and spread, and all that with a truly authoritative low end that can compete with the best. Of course, it doesn't deliver the beef that a 200-watter can. Those last vestiges of control and impact at the extreme bottom are missing, it can't make most speakers shake the walls the way a truly high-powered amplifier can, and it tends to exacerbate acoustic feedback through the LP player more than does a very high--powered amp when the system is played at very high levels. But if 70 watts looks puny on paper, it sure doesn't sound puny from this amplifier! That dynamic headroom factor, perhaps?

Its high end sounds more naturally balanced through good dynamic systems than through electrostatics, but it is one of the growing number of amplifiers that are quite tolerable on either kind of system. In short, if this had cost $550 it would have gotten a very favorab1e review. At $395, the B&K ST-140 is the amplifier of choice for the perfectionist on a tightish budget. It's a veritable triumph of design, and perhaps the most cost-effective amplifier I know of. - J. Gordon Holt, Sterophile 

Every now and then we come across a componants or speakers that just defy logic. It's impossible to get my head around the completeness in which this classic B&K amp plays with. Just a meaty & rhythmic power package that performs WAY above its cost. So it was then in 1995 & so it is today almost 30yrs later. This amp thoroughly trounces several bigger $$ pieces we have experienced. For $349 It's a keeper in every way. Solid 8+ in appearance with just the slightest signs of wear & 10+ in the performance department. The dark brushed copper faceplate is super cool and gives this piece a bit of visual bling. Been gone through by our expert in-house tech and after a cleaning and bias adjust, operates to spec. This B&K can push around every speaker we have here in house and that includes some pretty tough loads. Just an amazing piece of audio tech that was built to last and designed to be a giant killer.

Come give this fine power amp a listen here in Lawrence or purchase with confidence on this site.

B&K, ST-140 Power Amp: $349 + sales tax when applicable