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Bang & Olufsen (B&O) is known the world-over for exceptional hifi audio, video, and teleconferencing equipment.  Founded in 1925 in Denmark by two engineers, B&O is one of the oldest audio companies in history.  And from Day 1, B&O started doing things a little "differently" - with an eye toward high-design and styling.  Fast forward to today, and B&O is one of the most exclusive brands around, from being featured on Hollywood movie sets to sponsoring Formula 1 teams, B&O is a major enterprise.

The Beovox series of speakers utilized a very innovative design trick, originally developed in the 1970s, but followed subsequent model lines into the 1980s.  This design was called "Uni-Phase" and it utilized what appears as a midrange driver, and a few crossover tricks, to develop a system that has negligible measured phase distortion.  In the case of the S80.2, the large 3" dome midrange does produce midrange sound, but its primary function is to assist with this phase and impedance temperance, to smooth the sound characteristics of the other two drivers.  The result is a speaker system with excellent performance all-around, and a higher than normal sensitivity due to the unique crossover design. 

This set of S80.2 dates back to 1984-1987 and have been serviced for excellent sound.  The rosewood veneer is in very good condition.  The woofers have been refoamed in the correct size, imported from Europe. The mids are smooth and pronounced without being "shouty" and the low end is surprisingly full-bodied without being boomy....A really well-balanced design!

Demos are available in Lawrence, MA.

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*The original B&O stands are not available.