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Whether it’s budget or high-end speakers, B&W usually delivers on the engineering front, and the 603s are no different. Peel away the magnetic grilles – a first for the 600 Series – and you’ll see what we mean. Previous models used the iconic yellow Kevlar drivers... B&W was first to champion Kevlar for cone rigidity. These FST drivers (now silver) replace a traditional rubber surround with a specially designed foam ring. B&W claims the foam damps vibrations in the cone better, thus improving clarity and reducing distortion. The only limitation to the design is that it restricts the movement of the cone, so it can only be used for midrange, not bass. 

B&W recommends listening to them without the plinths for the best audio performance. We couldn't agree more. They look better without as well. The 603s are rear-ported, so it helps if you can give them a bit of room to breathe. We’d suggest around 50cm (1.5') from a rear wall, a decent width apart and slightly toed in to the listening position.

These B&Ws are in as new condition. Come complete with original boxes, packaging, plinths, spikes and the works. Basically NEW but for 1/2 the price of new.

Come demo these fine B&W 603s at our Lawrence showroom or purchase with confidence online via this website.

B&W 603 floor standing towers: $999 plus applicable sales tax, $500 each unit


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