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The B&W 705 is a moderately sized two-way, stand-mount monitor. Both drive-units are made in-house by B&W. The woofer features B&W's familiar yellow cone of woven Kevlar and is reflex-loaded by a large port immediately beneath it on the front baffle. This has flares on both inner and outer openings, with its surface dimpled to reduce turbulence. The 1" dome tweeter is mounted in a minimal enclosure on the top of the cabinet, which optimizes dispersion. Both drive-units have had a lot of attention paid to minimizing distortion, both through careful design of their magnetic circuits and the use of such things as copper covers and shorting rings on the pole-pieces. In addition, the tweeter has a lower inductance than usual, achieved by use of single-layer ribbon for the voice-coil, to allow its response to be extended well above the audioband. The tweeter dome is also acoustically loaded by the transmission-line tube first seen in the Nautilus models.

The 705's cabinet looks refreshingly different. Its front baffle and top plate are formed from a single piece of multi-ply wood, this curving back above the woofer to meet the rear panel. The sidewalls are lined with foam and are not quite parallel; the 705's front is slightly wider than its back, which reduces the effect of internal standing waves. There is an internal vertical brace as well as a fiber filling.

Electrical connection is via two pairs of binding posts on the rear panel. These have large holes and sliding sleeves to allow spade lugs to be securely clamped. The crossover is mounted to a circuit board fastened to the inside of the terminal panel. Fairly minimal in topology, it features two air-core inductors, two plastic-film capacitors, and two resistors.

The pair featured are in solid 9 condition showing only the slightest signs of wear. The tweeter housing has some cracking and missing a small portion of trim below the tweeter cover, which can be seen in the photos. This has zero impact on the speakers' performance. Have to say, being a stand mount speaker fan, these are incredible performers with a wide range of music.  The integrated stands were $700 new and the Audience jumpers another $200. This lovely set of 705s at our asking price is a monster value. No disappointments with this set - they are complete and proven performers from a brand you can trust.

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