B&W 802 Series 3 Tower Speakers, Like New Condition

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The B&W 802 Series 3 is a precision loudspeaker system featuring entirely new purpose-designed drive units and crossover design from prior series in the 802 line.  B&W's lengthy program of design and development is always conducted with excellence of performance, rather than cost, in mind. B&W was one of the earliest speaker manufacturers to use computer-aided modeling to assist with their designs, and they were the first to use woven Kevlar as a cone material.  Their combination of sophisticated design and material science is an unmatched skillset even today.

The 802 S3 speakers feature full frequency response 40-20,000 Hz with punchy bass response and crystal clear highs.  This is all possible by using B&W's latest in materials science to develop the 802S3's 1" metallic dome tweeter and Dupont-designed woven Kevlar midrange; both units isolated from the main cabinet using a clever swivel mechanism.  The lows are powered by two stellar 8" "Cobex" woofers in a long-throw design. 

These speakers perform beautifully: clean, crisp and highly articulate. Have now played them with tubes and SS amps and they are equally as engaging with each. Lovely black ash veneer and beveled edges are truly 80s in nature, but these speakers keep up with modern music and equipment with no issue whatsoever.  Have been playing all week here at the shop - we just love them!

Can demo these here in Lawrence MA.

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