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The B&W (Bowers & Wilkins) DM604 is a precision loudspeaker system featuring purpose-designed Kevlar composite drive units.  B&W was one of the earliest speaker manufacturers to use computer-aided modeling to assist with their designs, and they were the first to use woven Kevlar as a cone material.  

These DM604 Series 2 speakers are pretty incredible. They are nearly a "full-range" speaker, with bass extending well into the 30Hz range. Made from about 1996 to 2001, the DM604 features twin 7" Paper/Kevlar composite woofers, a 7" woven Kevlar cone midrange with phase plug, and a 1.1" aluminum composite dome tweeter for high range extension. The system performs incredibly well. The drivers are all original and work perfectly. The crossovers were completely rebuilt with new caps and coils for the entire high frequency section to extend performance well beyond the factory-installed "bean counter" components that were originally installed. 

Cabinets are substantially built, with extensive cross-bracing and internal damping. There are a few minor bumps and bruises to the cabinet finish here and there, but no show-stoppers. And no water damage. Grilles are newly unwrapped replacements from B&W, so the cloth is fresh and clean!

These things sound incredible with all types of music.

Demos are encouraged!

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