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The B&W DM7 is a precision loudspeaker system featuring entirely new purpose-designed drive units and compact enclosure.  B&W's lengthy program of design and development has been completed with excellence of performance, rather than cost, in mind. B&W was one of the earliest speaker manufacturers to use computer-aided modeling to assist with their designs, and they were the first to use woven Kevlar as a cone material.  Their combination of sophisticated design and material science is an unmatched skillset even today.

The DM7 speakers feature a 1" coated silk dome tweeter, isolated from the main cabinet using a clever swivel mechanism.  The Kevlar cone woofer, and damped poly flat-panel radiator provide clear and precise low-frequency music.  The speaker's integral stand helps to position the loudspeaker at the optimal height for optimal listening.

They perform beautifully: clean, crisp and highly articulate. Have now played them with tubes and SS amps and they are equally as engaging with each. Lovely teak veneer & sheet aluminum give them a decidedly MCM vibe. Have been playing all week here at the shop - we just love'em!

Can demo these here in Lawrence. 

$799 (plus applicable sales tax)


Type: 2 way, 3 driver loudspeaker system

Frequency Response: 30Hz to 25kHz

Recommended Amplifier: 200W (maximum)

Impedance: 8Ω

Sensitivity: 95dB