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The B&W DM6 is a precision loudspeaker system featuring purpose-designed drive units which were ahead of their time.  B&W was one of the earliest speaker manufacturers to use computer-aided modeling to assist with their designs, and they were the first to use woven Kevlar as a cone material.  The DM6 was the first product to feature this material in a commercially viable loudspeaker, and the results are nearly unmatched even to this day.  

The DM6 speakers feature a 3/4" coated silk dome tweeter, mounted above a large 8" Kevlar mid-bass driver.  The duo is supported by a large 12" composite Bextrene cone woofer with rubber surround.  The speaker's stepped front baffle and complex crossover network reduce cabinet diffraction, and improve output signal timing and phase coherence -- The Second speaker to use physical means to correct for phase and time delays (the Dahlquist DQ-10 was the first).  As an added bonus, these speakers feature the period-correct legs for the full "Pregnant Peguin" look!

These speakers perform beautifully: clean, crisp and highly articulate. Bass is full and rich without being boomy.  We have played these speakers on a number of amps -  from Solid State to Tube; from Octave Audio to NAD - and they have not skipped a beat. Lovely teak veneer adds some softness to the robotic aesthetic. 

Demos can be scheduled at our Lawrence showroom.

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