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In 2005, B&W had a wide range of designs in their kit bag, from the entry-level DM303 ($300/pair) to the flagship Nautilus ($40,000/pair). Here we have the affordable 600 series, which comprised of six two-channel designs ranging from $350 to $1400/pair. All of the 600-series speakers featured aluminum-dome tweeters derived from the original Nautilus design, with tapered-tube loading behind the tweeter diaphragm that's designed to soak up the backwave energy from the tweeter to reduce distortion. The midrange and bass/midrange drivers have cones of woven Kevlar with improved mechanical matching between voice-coil and cone. The bass-only drivers have rigid aluminum cones. The DM603 S3, retailed for $1000/pair in '05.

The DM603 S3 is a so-called "2½-way," reflex-loaded floorstander sporting the aforementioned 1" aluminum-dome tweeter, 6½" woven Kevlar-cone bass/midrange driver, and 6½" aluminum-cone woofer. The DM603 S3 is elegant and unimposing, with a footprint of only 8" by 11". Although they were not magnetically shielded, they are exceptional used in a HT front speaker application.

These DM603 S3 have been extensively gone through in-house; they're shockingly good! A visually striking speaker that bends and folds any way you like. Able to be delicate and precise when needed and can rock hard when called on. Really a fantastic set of all-arounders. Condition is solid, and all drivers have been carefully restored. They are now featured in a vintage Yamaha system and the entire kit for just $1500.00 is amazing!

Come have a listen her in Lawrence or purchase online with every confidence.

B&W, DM603 S3: $549.00 + applicable sales tax

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