Sophia Electric Baby II Tube Integrated Amplifier - SOLD

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NOTE: For the holidays, we are offering the Baby II, standard version, for $999, including CONUS shipping!  This is a new demo unit, with full factory warranty!

The Baby II SET (Single-Ended Triode) Class A amp by Sophia Electric, although moderately powered and priced, can deliver robust, clean, and 3-dimensional sound in spades. This small amplifier pushes 5 crystal-clear watts per channel using tubes and transformers that are specially designed and built to spec by owner, Richard Wugang. Richard's passion for audio has led us to some of the most fascinating conversations I've had regarding music reproduction. And his passion comes through in his products.

Visually and functionally simplistic, the sounds this amp produces are complex and rich. With volume control and two line level inputs, the Baby II can be used as both a power amp and integrated.

$999 (plus applicable shipping and sales tax)