BGW 250D Professional Power Amplifier

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BGW launched its first product in 1974 after three years of development in founder Brian Wachner's garage.  The mainstay, Model 250 was critically acclaimed for its stability under stress and incredibly solid performance.  A few years later, the Model 250D (and 205E featuring power VU meters) were introduced with improved sonic characteristics.  The BGW Model 250D was actually preferred in testing by the US Army Air Force Exchange, having been rated #1 in all five measurement categories: Power Output, Distortion, Signal-to-Noise Ratio, Gain, and Frequency Response. 

Although not the prettiest amp in anyone's arsenal, the BGW 250D delivers power accurately and with authority.  More akin to a laboratory instrument that a flowery hifi amp, the BGW will deliver the juice when needed without unwanted colorations.  The chassis is sturdy and with integral rack mounts, allows the amp to be hidden away in an audio cabinet with all the other workhorse amps that are better heard and not seen. 

Fully serviced by our in-house tech, this amp is ready to crank some tunes, for home or business. 

Demos are available in Lawrence, MA.

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